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It’s tough to stop and think about your company when the everyday workings and details are underway. But, it’s a great way to reaffirm your brand when you reflect upon who you are and where you want to be in five years. The truth of the matter is, we don’t do it enough.

But, when I thought about creating a new web site, I knew it was a perfect opportunity to look at everything, the whole brand.

I reached out to Emily, an old friend and former colleague, to help me in my rebranding process. Together, we came up with a new look and feel that is reflective of who Julie Page Makeup Artists are – bright, cheerful, creative and all the while professional. And of course, it had to have a tiny flair of vintage Hollywood (my fave era) and Emily did an amazing job of working that into the font selection.

I hope you enjoy the new look & feel of Julie Page Makeup. I invite you to explore who we are through the new interactive features of our web site, and tell us what we can do to better serve you in your makeup endeavors.

Julie of Julie Page Makeup Artists

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